Hi Polka Cuzzins,

            Walt and I hope that you like our new web site and our new column "Pro's Talk." We've changed things so that it will be easier for you to hear our new CD "Big Band Polka Swing." Request a catalog or just get in touch. This column, be a monthly chat about what we are doing here at Eastwind International Artists and also the latest scoop in The Polka & Big Band Word. We welcome your questions. Feel free to comment on our big band music, our official band apparel or anything that on your mind. We'll even post your questions for our audience and their feedback.

            Another new thing is that this month our new album "Big Band Polka Swing" is now available, it features a wide variety of Big Band Polkas, jump, jive, ballads, and waltzes, and introduces Walt's new singing group "The Golden Voices of The Walt Procanyn Singers" singing for you there outstanding rendition of "America the Beautiful" & "Keep Polka Music Alive" which I wrote the lyrics & melody along with H. Will. Both Walt and I believe that all polka lovers will enjoy this new tune. We also have a outstanding new T-shirt printed on both sides in 8 color L, XL, XXL "Keep Polka Music Alive" on front.....band logo on back priced at $15 each plus $3 S/H Get It!!! Wear It Proudly!!! This column is new so we will be adjusting its format as we go along. Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your support.

Until next time

Good bye, good luck, and may the good lord take a likein to ya.

Keep Polka Music Alive!!

Theresa Procanyn



©2009 Walt Procanyn


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