By Ashley N Procanyn:

      New York City…Hi Polka Cuzzin’s! Many of you are wondering, “Who is Walt Procanyn?” Well, I am here to tell you about him.

     Walt Procanyn is an accordionist and bandleader who currently resides in Woodside, the Queens section of the Big Apple. Walt’s well known throughout the Big Band and Polka circle as a maverick and innovator. He has revolutionized the polka industry by incorporating the big band sound in what used to be ‘traditional’ polka music.

     Walt began showing the world of his polka music when he was still in high school. He recorded his very first album, “Ukrainian Polka Time” for Crystal Tone Records in New Your City.

     He then recorded several albums for Arc International Records in Toronto, Canada. He is currently recording exclusively for Eastwind International Artists in New York City. He has recorded over thirty-nine albums. His professional musical training and his Ukrainian and Polish background has influenced his music throughout his life. Walt said, “I always have a love for the lilting sounds of big band and polka music.”

     In the U.S. Navy, he was in the Special Service. He placed first in the All-Navy Talent Contest by beating out several hundred ‘swabbys.’ For many years the Walt Procanyn Bandstand Big Band and Polka Show was heard in and around the Baltimore-Washington-Delaware area. Mr. Procanyn was booking many of the top-notch bands from around the country, as well as the big name bands of Glen Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Sammy K, and Guy Lombardo at the Eastwind Million Dollar Ballroom in Baltimore. He was among a handful of people responsible for not only keeping the polka music alive, but as well as making it thrive.

     Walt felt that the polka sound was failing to attract a new and younger audience. It was always his goal to record and present a new and bigger sound that would attract a new following. He thought that he could rejuvenate the polka sound. People in that industry, however were less enthusiastic. They chuckled when he first mentioned the idea, but Mr. Pro is not easily disordered. And, like his name says, he works hard to achieve his goals! He reworked some traditional polkas with a big band sound, and then took his sound to the people! His polka cuzzins’ marveled at his new concept in sound.

     Walt Procanyn speaks most fondly of a benefit that he and his band performed at the Zembo’s Shrine Temple in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for the children’s burn unit. Performing for charitable causes brings great joy and satisfaction to the Walt Procanyn Orchestra. Walt’s musical direction is by no means limited to just polka music though, he and his Big Band are quite proficient at playing the popular Big Bans sounds.

     Today, Walt’s latest CD is, “Music of Your Life”, which according to DJ Greg Drust from Milwaukee, Wisconsin is, “His best work yet.” And that “Walt plays it as it was, and tells it as it is”. Mr. Drust says, “Music of Your Life” includes velvet sounds of the Big Band, stunning acappella vocals, powerhouse polkas, and lush instrumentals.” And, for the first time ever, he introduces you to the new sounds of his new Mariachi Band. Plus, “Music of Your Life” is his most diverse album ever, including songs from Mariachi, gospel, to ballads, and traditional polka and big band sounds. It has something truly for everyone!! No one plays big band and polka music any better.

     Now that you have met Walt Procanyn, and have been enlightened to the popular history of the Walt Procanyn Orchestra, why not contact him at: PO Box 770044 Woodside, New York, 11377-0044 or email him at Tune in to the Walt Procanyn Bandstand Show heard on every Saturday night, 7-8 pm plus various other times, over the course of the week.

     So, like the old Pro himself says, “Goodbye, Good Luck and may the Good Lord take a likin’ to ya! And, by the way, don't rush to get to Heaven, it can wait awhile!!

Bye Polka Cuzzins! Hope to c’ya really soon!

©2009/2011 Walt Procanyn